Loving The Haight

My menswear hungry eyes were fed on greener fashion pastures, thanks to rock-n-roll Australian label Saint Augustine Academy on the final day of RAFW.

Hippie boys, biker lads and a gentleman walked together as Alvin Manalo of Saint Augustine Academy’s “Love & Haight” SS12 collection introduced new silhouettes to the label’s menswear range. Sylph-boys walked in high waisted denim flares fringed with leather, a safari motorcycle jacket and skinny suits – the distinct SAA menswear look. However Manalo’s creativity treated his classic look with new details like epaulettes on the shoulders, pin tucks, scarf collars and ruffled plackets.

Just as the hippies of Haight-Ashbury were relaxed so too were some of the softer men’s looks sent by Manalo down the runway. Looks featuring gorgeous paisley print rendered in black and white or vermillion and biker and Mystic motif tees that I’m sure Sydney’s devil-may-care male will lap up. I, however was a fan of the more structured pieces, i.e. the suit with leather lapels, the risk SAA took this year with its’ subversive colour palette. Think hazy Sunday greys, navy, gold, tans and ivory. And if it’s no secret already Dandy Sachs is a big fan of double denim and there was plenty of that!

Manalo should be commended for bringing us and his hipster crowd to greener fashion pastures with this SS12 collection resplendent in khaki, tan, ochre, ivory and blush. Banished from spring and summer occasions are the underdressed ‘boardies and singlet’ combos and instead we’ll be seeing SAA pieces on the backs of the all those sun-kissed boys. One can hope!

Lastly, the Australian men’s fashion frontier looks promising as SAA is its’ leading garde.
Genesis M.

Images courtesy of Mother Father PR and Redken.


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