Chinatown Kid (Director’s Cut)

If I may say so myself, Xiaohan, Yoshimi and I made magic with our latest editorial for Being the creative mind behind the shoot, this concept had been itching from the chasms of my idea treasure box and when it was finally birthed I couldn’t be a more proud parent.

Initially Xiaohan sent me fifteen or so beautiful images that we had to scrutinise, critique and painfully cull through to come up with our fashion story. To be honest, I had a conflict of interest when it came to deciding: I was both the creative mind who wanted all the images to go up but I was also the men’s fashion editor who had to pick the best six. Here are the rest that did not make the cut but please note that they are all beautiful and of equal value.

Clothes provided by: LAB Homme, Orri Henrisson, Saint Augustine Academy, Alpha 60, Oscar Calvo, Subfusco and Nu+Nan
Accessories provided by: Katzi, Belstaff, Antoine + Stanley, LAB Homme, Beasts of Peace, Dita and Alpha 60.

Photography: Xiaohan Shen
Styling: Genesis Mansilongan (Dandy Sachs)
Grooming: Yoshimi Kumai
Model: Tom G @ EMG models
Styling Assistants: Joshua Suklan & Samnang Sou

Click here to see the realised editorial on
Genesis M.



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2 responses to “Chinatown Kid (Director’s Cut)

  1. I kept going to write my favorite but in the end I truly can’t decide, all so beautiful. The simple white shirt and khaki pants is a winning classic (in my books) that looks fresh given the location. An amazing collaboration.
    Can’t wait to work together….


  2. Woop woop! Well done team, amazing results by us 2 geniuses once again :p

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