Accessorise This SS11/12




It is all about your ACCESSORIES this Spring/Summer – whether you are rocking some amazing leather loafers, Latin-inspired beads or cool eye-candy! Yesterday I was invited by Door 121’s Spring Summer showings for media. There were some stand out labels at yesterday’s showings amongst many of whom I had never heard of before. Gorman (featured desert boots) offered neons and pops in tangerine, violet, emerald and fuschia. I’m not known for cross-dressing per se but I would definitely “werq” those tangerine desert boots. Delicious, no? Label,Pöl also offered up neon brights joining in on the Spring/Summer 11-12 trend.

However two labels caught my eyes the most.  Jewellery label Santós Wish (Wish Saints) (pictured) where one wore charmed rosary-esque beads for pardons from and prayers to the Saints. The Catholic school boy (Sarah Michelle Gellar a lá Cruel Intentions) in me delighted. And they’re on trend too – coming in neon brights. For the more pious though, they come in sinner black and Pearly Gates white.
Being a lover of texture, detail and hand craftmanship drew my gaze towards an assortment of plinths in the middle of the room – atop them leather footwear with cut-out Navajo detailing and references to two-toned shoes. I was fixated. Mere Footwear is handcrafted in Vietnam (ethically) and designed in Australia by James Noakes.

So which accessory will you be having… the desert boot, the beads or the leather loafer?
A big thank you to the team at Door 121 for having me.
Genesis M.


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