First Paycheck Splurge

Silent does not even to begin describe how I have been lately. My head has been down and I’ve been working hard for the money. I guess being a full time adult and the responsibility that comes with it has finally caught up to me. I get up in the morning and go to work. The cycle is repeated – others may call it monotony but I call it bliss. My bank account is happy to see a steady income finally coming through. Being Filipino, I spent a sum of my first paycheck on a token that would help me to remember it. It’s a cultural superstition I am happy to oblige to.

So what did I buy? One only needs to think of the shoe of the zeigeist…the Prada SS11 brogue espadrille “flatforms”. The it shoe. Not because it is the It shoe but because of the Prada design genius behind it. Brogues, platforms, spazzolato leather = amazing! I have worn them once out already. Can’t wait to wear them again.

You will also be hearing from me a little more…soon.
Genesis M.


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