Orient Excess

Self-aware. I am very self aware and as of late I have noticed that what used to glamour me about fashion has all but turned to fool’s gold. No matter what model, amazing campaign, or press it receives – fashion is nothing without the consumer. The dollars that make the till go ka-ching! Excuse me if I’m being too harsh but working on the other end of the fashion spectrum is unravelling all that I thought was cool or “it”. Illusory, yes. Illusion is what seems to be perpetuated at the moment. You name it; outfit posts, sponsored posts, freebies, magazine appearances, streetstyle blog appearances have all come to deceive the consumer that fashion is so ‘accessible’ when in reality it’s not. You still have to work to pay for a pair of shoes that costs $800! Designer label X is not just going to give you so and so pair of shoes because you’ve worn designer label X on an outfit post. Life doesn’t work like that  and for those fortunate enough to have it that way, good for you.

The once artistic nature / creativity has been fermenting lately. I haven’t “styled” in a while. I haven’t even picked up a pencil and touched my VAPD (visual art process diary). Blank pages. Pencils too sharp. So what did I do instead….mused about fashion and art – and the reality they possess. What did I come up with? A wanky outfit post featuring Imperial Chinese costume* and Prada SS12 brogues. Now that’s fashion ‘bloggable’.

Beads, Hat, Robes and Sword: Imperial Chinese costume provided by Chinese Garden of Friendship – $10 to hire
Trousers: Topman
Shoes: Prada

Shot on location at the Chinese Garden of Friendship, Darling Harbour Sydney.
Photography by Lisa Morellini – graphic designer.

*For those accusing me of hypocrisy in regards to cultural appropriation – I’ve actually traced my Chinese ancestry. So shutthef**kup.
Genesis M.


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