A Prada Afternoon



Here I am again resorting to the good ol’ outfit post. I know I’ve been quiet and it’s been quite a habit. Yes I know – to be a full-on blogger you need to have content (fresh) everyday or try to any way. But what’s to say that I’m still enchanted by this notion of narcissism, product placement and constant sycophancy. And I’m not saying that every single “fashion blogger” (whatever that is) out there is guilty of such. I’m no clean slate and am guilty of all three sins but to tell you the truth I’m over it. I’d rather make art then chase fame.

Sunglasses – Dolce & Gabanna
Studded Shirt – Cosmic Wonder
Striped Pullover – H&M
Trousers – Topman @ Incu
Belt – Market buy
Bag – Prada
Shoes – Prada

Genesis M.
P.S Yes I am trying to show off that I own Prada because that justifies my place in this ‘world’.


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One response to “A Prada Afternoon

  1. baz

    Tell it how it is. I like that! “I’d rather make art than chase fame” Amen to that 120%
    Some big blogs I used to enjoy have lost their honesty and inspiration and replaced it with blah blah blah …lack of interesting substance.

    xo Baz P.s still obsessed with the baroque sunglasses with swirl arms ..any of those left?

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