Clothing IS Political

Look around you, there has never been a perfect time to highlight how politically charged the clothes we wear are. This post is in reaction to, perhaps also an affirmation of the following article The Power of the Hoodie. Frockwriter summed up the hoodie as the dress code of disenfranchised Western youth and I couldn’t agree with her more. Fashion takes centre stage as images from the London riots are livestreamed all across the world and the hoodie becomes the most feared item of clothing, superseding the burqa – for the moment anyway. It’s quite awakening that fashion and its impact doesn’t only exist in its vacuum of fashion weeks, magazines and the bloggersphere but actually in real life too. The above image was taken a year ago, part of a collection to inspire later art projects and I found it today out of all the days to stumble upon it again. The Universe is trying to tell us something.

Photographed and styled by yours truly. Artist David Quoy wears self-customised denim jacket, Lee jeans and Converse Chuck Taylors.
Genesis M.


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