Emerald City

Sometimes being mature is a bad thing. An inconvenience. You grow up too fast and/or you think too far ahead. But it’s always been Fortune’s favour for me to be that way and I think at this point in my life it the right place to be. I’m no longer someone’s assistant. As of this moment my ambitions don’t centre around styling or being a fashion editor. And I as sure as hell don’t want to be a blogger. I’m just venting. Venting about what I like to wear and what I hope to wear. Please don’t make me some St. Anna … Wintour. It’s just “my” opinion. Leave the rest of the “blogger” baggage to the Bryanboys and Fashiontoasts of the world.

I guess for the readers I do have it comes as a disappointment that I want to let go of a lot. From the opportunity to be involved in all the glitz and glam of this “world” to losing momentum in building up a portfolio. However what I’m doing and where I’m working is far more suited to my goals and aspirations, as well as good for my bank account. Far more realistic and although I maybe a dreamer (Libran here) I do like a good dose of reality sometimes. Let’s just say reality has hit hard. I have now been given the opportunity to make something out of something. I’m going to a follow a single path (yellow-bricked) and see where it leads me and if it doesn’t work out I can always start again.

Emerald City for me is Milan, a place where I would like to work and get to know and involve myself with my company’s VM practice. Where else better to end up? Menswear. Check! Fashion capital. Check! Somewhere far away from Sydney, check!!! So perhaps this one of many penultimate posts….who knows I may start properly blogging again when I reach that goal. See you on the other side?

And of course one more thing … you want to know what I’m wearing!!!

Emerald Green Lurex Top : Prada
White Collared Shirt: Arthur Galan
Trousers: Zara
Rockabilly Tie: Handmade
Creepers: Prada

Ti voglio bene!
Genesis M.

Photography by Victoria Chau


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One response to “Emerald City

  1. adore this photo, Gen! cutest ribbon/tie too 🙂

    you should go chat to Illaria at Voi Shop on Castlereagh – she worked in Milan and for ADR for 20 years or something crazy like that! x

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