Midnight Blues


What do you guys think of my new ‘do’? I’m excited to “outfit post”. Scrap the old format and hello to the new Murakami-esque retelling of how my outfit came together. Let’s do this the anti-establishment way. From the bottom up. The Lacoste Sport shoes I got on sale at a Glue store in the city. Funny that day I also received three pairs of Helmut Lang jeans from a kind soul (one of my managers – who bought them but never wore them)…I’m wearing the oatmeal colour. The same manager processed my staff purchase of the Bring Your Own bag by Prada I’m holding and subsequently use as my ‘work bag’. What a luxury! As luxurious as the Prada cardigan and jersey Calvin Klein tee I’m wearing. Within fashionable good, there’s formal and then there’s casual; there’s hip, there’s cool, there’s trendy, there’s snobbish*. I think I’ve successfully covered the six. What say you?



Feed me with feedback. P.L.E.A.S.E
Genesis M.

Photography by Katrina Ethell (one of my best friends…captured only on my Samsung Galaxy S)
* Passage from Haruki Murakami’s Dance, Dance, Dance.


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