Get Shorty

All I want for Christmas is…the guy in the picture (YUMMMMMMM). Oh and a pair of swim shorts that have form and function. Not a pair that wears like an uncomfortable billboard. Being a fa-fa-fa-fashion person, you’ve probably dismissed as someone who doesn’t go to the beach. Wrong. I am. In fact whenever my partner and I get a chance we go. However it’s been a quest of mine as of late to find the right pair of swim shorts. I say swim shorts because my figure and height aren’t meant for “(bill)board shorts”. The fashion grapevine gave me word about local up-comer brand The Rocks Push who have come out with a second season of form-fitting and functional swim shorts. Made with the lightest quick-drying nylon, every pair features a waterproof wallet to slip into the back pocket which fits your iPhone, car keys and of course your wallet. Not to mention a water sealing bag for when your done at the beach (to transport your wet shorts home). Perhaps though the best detail is the subtle branding. Nothing looks worse on a stunning young man than the lower half of his body to be plastered in logos. The shorts retail from $99.95. So men of Sydney, what are you waiting for? Who knows you might just spot me at Coogee running like Pamela on Baywatch in these!?

Stay cool.

Genesis M.

Images courtesy of The Rocks Push and Trish Nicol Agency.


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