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Day Off

Today was the beginning of my two days off work. What relief huh! Finally a weekend. What a better way to spend it than at the beach, Balmoral that is with friends, food and fa-fa-fashion. Casual fashion. So how does on relax fashionably? I’ll show you how it is done! Today’s outfit included my favourite Miu Miu felt cap and bursts of red, orange and yellow!!!
What do you think?

Excuse the face, I’m putting on my “bitch face” at the jest of my friends.
Cap: Miu Miu
T-Shirt: Saint Augustine Academy
Shorts: Leopold
Shoes: Keith Haring for Puma
Belt and sunglasses: Op shop finds!
Bag: Prada

Hope you have a lovely weekend! Dress well and of course sun-smart!
Genesis M/


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Be Bold and Brave

HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know I’m thirteen days behind but what the hell! I’m back from my Christmas/New Years vacation and rest period and am ready for a whole new year in blogging. This year I’m stripping. Stripping away what used to clutter my blog. Taking it back to its essence. The essence of what makes Dandy Sachs. Fashion and art. “No more sponsored posts”. “No more posts for posts’sake” This year I will have many adventures including Hong Kong, Taiwan and fingers crossed Milan and NYC (again). 2012 has just reinforced how much I am in love with fashion. Fa-fa-fa fashion.


Who knows I might even dip my finger into the pie and do a bit of random styling here and there!! As for now all is full steam ahead at work and going well! Yay! I leave you with a recent picture of me. I guess I have’t shown my face on here in a while.



Cap: Miu Miu
Shirt: Gap
Shorts: Dr. Denim
Creepers: Prada
Satchel: Prada

All my love,

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