Prada and Schiaparelli

I need to be in NYC for this. Even if it is just two days to spend walking through this exhibition. Get me to NEW YORK CITY! Surrealism and avant-garde fashion kiss as the Met hosts the designs of fashion’s two most powerful Italian lady designers – Elsa Schiaparelli and Miuccia Prada.

From the Met press release:  “The exhibition will explore how both women employed unconventional textiles, colors, and prints to play with conventional ideas of good and bad taste, and how they exploited whimsical fastenings, fanciful trompe l’oeil details, and deliberately rudimentary embroideries for strange and provocative outcomes. Experimental technologies and modes of presentation will bring together masterworks from the designers in an unexpected series of conversations on the relationship between fashion and culture”.

I’m holding my breath!!! If only NYC was accessible again … perhaps it might just be 😉 It’s also nice to see both my mamas in the one photo opportunity.

Note: Okay so you are probably tired with the “I’m-always-working” excuse but hey the machinations of Capitalism really catch up with you. The constant nine-to-five can be quite numbing but in return you’re showered with sweet, sweet dollars. And who would ever refuse that?? So now is when you ask me, what has been my relationship with fashion since the past few months? My relationship with fashion is amazing. I have come to know it from the bottom of the “pit”. How everyday people interact with it…what a blessing! Oh and at least I have started posting again 🙂

Genesis M.

Photo courtesy of Prada Australia Pty Ltd.


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