Orient Express Front Row

Talk about Orient excess!! If you thought it was just happening in China, well…er…. you are kind of wrong. Sydney’s luxury market is booming. Why? Because locals are spending more and more in their own luxury brand stores (Prada, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci etc) – no. It’s because we are taking in more Chinese tourists than ever before and because we have ”locals” from mainland China that hunger for luxury brands – that’s why!!! The photo above is evidence China is making it’s presence known in the world of high fashion. Here five actresses were flown in for the Dior show in Paris and were seated front row. Five places that would have once been seats for editors, Western celebrities etc. Who knows maybe half of the front row will be for Chinese fashion editors,models, celebrities and “fashion people”. One can only hope as China’s spending boom is what is keeping high fashion afloat. A whole new world is before us, exciting!!!!

That’s my two cents. Oh and I love how chic they all look. CH-IIII-CC (Sh*t Fashion Girls Say)!!!!!!!
Genesis M.

Image via Fashionista.com


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