On my days off I usually like to sleep. Maybe the right word is hibernate. I’m awfully tired most of the time and so the natural thing is to binge and then sleep. However today’s day off was different. Very different. After an emotional outpour of fury, frustration and fervor into my drawing book last night I awoke today with the decision to re-awaken my creativity. First it would happen by reconnecting with a creative equal of mine, Xiaohan Shen of Xssat and then a wander through the new Contemporary Art galleries of the AGNSW.

Conversations run like water when you talk with someone who is on the same wavelength as you. Xiaohan and I share a deep respect for intelligent design, especially in fashion. We appreciate concept and deeper thought and are rather unfazed by the glamour and the glitz that often pollutes the industry. After chowing down on gravlax and suckling pig, we continued to reconnect. Chatting about her current work for Vogue Australia, travelling plans, our ambitions and our love for a particular Australian menswear label – it felt right and good. The afternoon went on until it was time for us to separate and do our own things. (Xiaohan had some editing to do and I had to visit the new contemporary art galleries at the AGNSW).

In my student days I worked at the Art Gallery of New South Wales (AGNSW). My highlights there included working during the Monet and the Impressionists exhibition and the Paths to Abstraction exhibition – in retrospect both feel so long ago. Ever since I left it’s been rare that I have visited the place.  In my complacency I too missed the recent Picasso exhibition but today I decided I needed to see new works set up at the new galleries. Some work included those by my favourite artists; Bill Viola, Christo and those I had never heard of but were awed by. Here are some images from today’s gallery visit.


Bodies of Light (2006) – Bill Viola


La Somnambule (1996-1997) – Rosslynd Piggott. Waat an amazing work using silk, fasteners and perspex! I loveit when “fashion” meets art!



Oh and I didn’t leave the AGNSW without a treat. The Gallery SHop was having a sale and I managed to pick up this book on Orientalism (one of my favourite movements in Art History), Delacroix to Klee for ten dollars! TEN DOLLARS! Score. Oh and I also wanted you to meet my new baby, Jean Luc of Givenchy descent 😉

So now that I have been inspired again I hope to be making more art and fashion shoots soon! Keep posted!
Genesis M.


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