Paschal Drive


The influence is obvious. The reference quite in your face but nonetheless I love simplicity in dressing. Especially for a humble occasion as an Easter Saturday lunch with the family. Plus I had to be-kind-of practical as I was going to be on the back of a motorbike. The car in the pictures is currently out of order. The weather for this Paschal long weekend has been splendid, Autumn light with a Summery warmth. Perfect for all that food and chocolate. And the perfect excuse to sashay my Orri Henrisson lime pants (that I love so much!!). The photos were taken by my beloved who seems to be enamoured with me more so than usual this weekend. Perhaps its the love in the air, eh?



Neckerchief: Prada
T-Shirt: Gap
Trousers: Orri Henrisson
Plimsolls: Lacoste
Scent: Prada Infusion D’Homme


Hope you and your family have had a wonderful and blessed Paschal season. To new beginnings!
Genesis M


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