Do you know that feeling when you get back from an amazing holiday and everything you do is “anti-climactic”? I’ve recently been going through that feeling, so to knock myself out of it I invited a friend out to lunch in Erskineville where we could soak up the beautiful autumn sun Sydney has been blessed with lately. What a perfect day it was to break out one of my favourite shirts, my Orri Henrisson Edouard’s mix shirt worn under my Prada suit. It was an occasion, me breaking out of jet-lag and apathy, so I donned my best.


It also gave me the chance to take my Jil Sander market tote (SS11) which I recently purchased in Hong Kong. The way that it captures the sunlight and luminates makes me so happy. A bag I’ve been lusting since it first appeared on the runway, I’ve thought to myself that it would be my token of Raf Simons’ amazing work at the house of Jil Sander. Mentioning also that I’m currently fascinated with petrochemical orange and the tote just happened to be that colour! Don’t you just love when things sync!?!


Suit, shoes and belt by Prada. Shirt by Orri Henrisson. Bag by Jil Sander.

Let’s hope I’m fully synced to Sydney and my normal routine by the time I go back to work next week! Fingers crossed!
Genesis M.


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