NYC I Desire You

As if having the desire to be back in Hong Kong was not enough – I just had to run into these images styled by budding young NYC fashion designer Ryan Jordan for the Any Old Iron boutique located in the Lower East Side. You all know how much I love NYC; the rush, the fashion, thrills and spills and not to mention the bounty of good looking gentleman. This shoot has all of it. Here are some of the images that struck me the most.

Titled “X-Treme Ends of Desire” the shoot focusses heavily on New York fashion’s mix of grunge, high and low end and is finished with true NYC signature. Designer Ryan Jordan also used dispoable photography to capture the fashion moments. He explains why – “Experimenting with disposable cameras has inspired his heart to take it to a form that removes itself from the tourist connotations. Shooting with a disposable camera pays closer attention to the relationship of your eye and the lens. Taking in the moment without having time to judge the photograph through a digital screen makes for some old school magic”.

Raw and unapologetic the shoot reminds us of a past where taking the actual fashion photograph was less about a glamourous, highly stylised moment and instead about the capture of a detail so subtle, think Man Ray and Cecil Beaton.  Check out more of Ryan Jordan’s work here:
Genesis M.

Photos courtesy of Ryan Jordan and Angeli Sion


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