Boys of Prada Winter

Winter is here for Australian fashionistos and yes, all the major fashion houses are starting to drop their pre-fall and early picking of their FW12/13 in store. I’m sharing with you my favourite collection for FW 12/13. And of course there was no bias involved.

I thrill at the fact that the cold season will feature astrakhan collared coats, double collars, double-breasted suits buttoned high, pinstriped jackets with a flower in the buttonhole and bendy butanol-soled oxfords. Of course this well all trickle down too through the “cerulean effect – I just wonder which details the high street will pick up.

Exciting stuff, no? I love that red collared shirt with the negative and positive gun print!!!! Power dressing for the man is back!!!!
Genesis M.

Photos courtesy of Onesixtynotepad.


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