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PRADA MENSWEAR FALL/WINTER 12-13 NEW CAMPAIGN!!! Featuring Willem Dafoe and Gary Oldman and photographed by David Sims.

Genesis M.


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Boys of Prada Winter

Winter is here for Australian fashionistos and yes, all the major fashion houses are starting to drop their pre-fall and early picking of their FW12/13 in store. I’m sharing with you my favourite collection for FW 12/13. And of course there was no bias involved.

I thrill at the fact that the cold season will feature astrakhan collared coats, double collars, double-breasted suits buttoned high, pinstriped jackets with a flower in the buttonhole and bendy butanol-soled oxfords. Of course this well all trickle down too through the “cerulean effect – I just wonder which details the high street will pick up.

Exciting stuff, no? I love that red collared shirt with the negative and positive gun print!!!! Power dressing for the man is back!!!!
Genesis M.

Photos courtesy of Onesixtynotepad.

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Bag of Artemis

Loving the new Prada re-interpretation of the hunting bag.

Genesis M.

Photo courtesy of Prada s.P.a

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Melbourne, hello!


A couple of weeks ago was my first time EVER in Melbourne. I know right!!! Having lived in Australia for 99% of my life – the fact that I had never been to Melbourne is quite dismal. Nevertheless I managed to make it down there for work. I got to meet the amazing people that work at the Collins St boutique and also catch up with my best friend who is studying texttiles at RMIT. Not to mention…have dinner with Henry Ng of Orri Henrisson fame. However I did not shop (a trip to Melbourne is a must shop…) I was instead enjoying the food, the drinks and the culture of Sydney’s rival city.

If in Melbourne, you must:
-Have cocktails at Manchuria
-Shop at GPO
-Eat burgers at Huxtaburger
-Check out the State Library … it’s absolutely beautiful!!



Genesis M.

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Dandy Reborn

It’s been a while since I posted an outfit post, so I guess it’s time?

“Prada Prada Prada … Gucci Gucci Gucci … don’t even get me started on Chanel”. Shit Asian Girls Say! Does that even apply to me? Whatever.

Genesis M.

Photo by Naomi Cheng.


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Orient Express Front Row

Talk about Orient excess!! If you thought it was just happening in China, well…er…. you are kind of wrong. Sydney’s luxury market is booming. Why? Because locals are spending more and more in their own luxury brand stores (Prada, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci etc) – no. It’s because we are taking in more Chinese tourists than ever before and because we have ”locals” from mainland China that hunger for luxury brands – that’s why!!! The photo above is evidence China is making it’s presence known in the world of high fashion. Here five actresses were flown in for the Dior show in Paris and were seated front row. Five places that would have once been seats for editors, Western celebrities etc. Who knows maybe half of the front row will be for Chinese fashion editors,models, celebrities and “fashion people”. One can only hope as China’s spending boom is what is keeping high fashion afloat. A whole new world is before us, exciting!!!!

That’s my two cents. Oh and I love how chic they all look. CH-IIII-CC (Sh*t Fashion Girls Say)!!!!!!!
Genesis M.

Image via

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